FAQ's questioning

1. How is Strategic Assignments & Intelligence Bureau different from other agencies?
Quality, Commitment and Focus are the foundations of the Organization’s success that assures its client prompt service, confidentiality and satisfaction.

2. What is the company background & what kind of experience do you have?
Strategic Assignments & Intelligence Bureau was established in 1993, which consists professionals with an experience of over decades. With this extensive experience, today we can boast of ourselves as “The Fact Finders”
The organization has a panel of advisors, who has served in Army & Police Department. The Bureau Chief himself has a practical work experience with “Dubai Police Department” UAE and holds a Diploma in “General Law Enforcement” USA.

3. Do you take cases from all over India?
Certainly, cases are accepted from every corner of the country. We not only serve nationally, but internationally as well.

4. Can we have a face-to-face consultation?
 Yes. Strategic Assignment & Intelligence Bureau offers a face-to-face consultation in the office or at the place convenient to the client.

5. How much sure am I about the confidentiality of mine and the case?
Confidentiality of the client & case is the top priority and is maintained at the highest level, as none of the investigator or the operator is provided by the information of the client and minimum information of the case is given to them to execute the assignment.

6. How confidential is the investigation and the reports?
As mentioned in question (5), minimum information in regards of the specific assignment is provided to the investigators & operators, every case is handled in a very discreet and professional manner, hence confidentiality of investigation can be maintained at the highest level, next the final reports are kept in the company system for 3 months only after which they are destroyed by default. In case if requested by the client to restore the reports for the future use, the reports are transferred on a CD, which is then stored in a locker, till the client collects it.

7. What type of investigations do you specialize in?
Organization specializes in Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigations, Background Checks, Character Reports and Employment Verification, the organization boasts of 98% success rate.

8. How quickly can you start an investigation?
The answer is as quickly as the client would like to start; it all depends on how quickly the client signs the contract.

9. How much time does it take to execute the assignment and get the final report?
Here the time frame is mutually set between the Client & the Planning Department, to execute the assignment and final report in submitted to the client within a week after the completion of the specific assignment given. 

10. How much does it cost?
Charges vary from case to case, hence exact quote can be known after providing the brief of the case to the Client Handling Department. 

11. In what form do I receive my report?
The report can be in chronological order or in a tabulate form, depending on the assignment and may be collected by the client personally from our office or the same could be sent through courier, registered post, fax or e-mail.

12. How do I pay?
Payments could be done through Cheque/Demand Draft in favor of Strategic Assignments & Intelligence Bureau. Payments could also be transferred through the bank directly into company’s account.

13. Can I use the evidence in court?
As no license is provided to conduct detective services, nor any sort of support is provided by the government, hence it cannot be assured that the reports could be used in the court of law. It all depends upon your lawyer how he/she presents the report.

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