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The three most important functions of the organization:

Confidentiality, Truth Searching and Client Satisfaction, are well controlled and organized in SAI Bureau.

To give the best to its client, the above services are divided into four departments; they are Client Handling, Planning, Execution and Conclusion.

These departments are controlled by Senior Personnel, of who have to their credit extensive working experience with some of the largest and successful corporate companies and clients from India & Abroad also.

The team has managed variegated cases and thus, finds itself quite well up empathize with any given work, case or brief.

Client Handling:

This department is headed by a Senior Personnel. It has well equipped personnel who understand the needs of the client and are in position to explain what we can offer them as per their requirements. After collecting all the details from the client about the case, a detailed brief is maintained.

The department is fully geared under one roof. The brief is then given to the Planning Department. This department is always in touch with the client and keeps the client informed about the progress.

Planning Department:

This department is headed by a well experienced Planner. Being the most important department of the agency, all the information is collected very quietly and confidentially from the client and various other sources related to the case. Assisted by many planers the planning department prepares the approach and all the detailed information collected is handed over to the Execution Department. Throughout the process a strict vigil is kept by this department.

Execution Department:

This department is associated with the best talented and intelligent personnel to ensure the best of the results for the given specific assignment.

The Execution Department maintains all the records of the specific assignment and also mentions their views and comments on it. The final report is prepared and submitted to the Conclusion Department. Throughout the process confidentiality is maintained at the highest level.

Conclusion Department:

This department is headed by the BUREAU CHIEF himself. The report submitted by the Execution Department is scanned by this department and after analyzing all the details about the assignment, the detailed final report along with an overall conclusion is given to the client that, only states the facts and what the organization has learnt in the specific assignment.


Services We Offer:

Matrimonial Problems Investigated:

    + Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation
    + Adultery / Bigamy
    + Background Checks / Character Reports
    + Divorce Evidence

Personal & Domestic Investigation:

    + Financial Checks
    + Locating Missing Persons
    + Property Disputes

Corporate Investigation:

    + Documents Verification
    + Employment Investigation
    + Recovery
    + Thefts

Security Devices:

    + CCTV’S
    + Hidden Cameras
    + Voice Recorders
    + Transmitters


    + Mobile / Stationery
    + Photographs
    + Audio / Video Clippings
    + Shadowing

Experts In:

    + Finger Print / Handwriting Analysis
    + Document Translation
    + Verbatim Transcripts
    + Counseling

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