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Strategic Assignments & Intelligence Bureau is born out of the talent of professionals with an experience of decades. Since 1993, the organization has spent time practicing the art of Investigation coupled with the talent of experienced professionals in various fields of investigation to give the best. The core philosophy of our services is based on Mutual Trust, Dedicated and focused team work with personalized service which is essential for the successful results, Long term client agency relationship and Prompt service, Confidentiality & Complete satisfaction. The dedicated, hard working team enables its clients to reap the benefits and much more. With this extensive experience, today we can boast of ourselves as "The Fact Finders"

The organization has a panel of advisors, who have served in Army & Police Department. The Bureau Chief himself has a practical work experience with "Dubai Police Department" UAE and holds a Diploma in "General Law Enforcement" USA.

Our services are offered nationally and internationally that include various types of investigations, verifications, screenings, securities, etc. that benefits both Public and Private sectors.

Quality, Commitment and Focus are the foundation stones of Organization's success that assures its client prompt service, confidentiality and satisfaction.

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